ArticuLab Jobs

Thank you for your interest in joining us here at the ArticuLab! We are currently hiring a postdoctoral scholar and a full-time engineer (CDD), please see the links below for more information.

Post-doc position in Social Cognition F/M: Neural correlates of social skills in middle childhood

Neuroimaging and Behavioral Analysis Engineer in Social Cognition: F/M Neural correlates of social skills in middle childhood

Internships: L3, M1, M2 (Fall 2023-Spring 2024)

Title: The role of Rapport in Human Interaction: Multi-modal modeling of conversation to improve performance in conversational agent-mediated interactions

Type: L3, M1 3-month or M2 6-month Internship
Address: Inria Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, 75012 Paris
Theme: Social Cognitive Neuroscience and Embodied Conversational Agents
Language: French or English

This project exists at the intersection of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence and therefore has dual goals: to better understand the role of rapport (connivence) in human-human interaction and to build better embodied conversational agents (ECAs) that have the ability to engage their users in both social and task talk, where the social talk serves to improve task performance. In order to achieve this objective, we collect and annotate natural conversational data, as well as neuroimaging (hyperscanning via fNIRS) data, model human-human conversation, integrate the models into ECAs, and then evaluate their performance. We have internships available for students from Cognitive Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, Linguistics and Computer Science (only some of the positions require programming experience).

Specifically, we currently have positions forM1 interns (3 months) or M2 interns (6 months) to assist in the collection of video and audio data, as well as neural / neuroimaging data, in an ongoing study of dyadic collaboration in children. Other positions involve annotating conversational data for linguistic phenomena and analyzing the resultant annotations, or building machine learning models of conversation.

Applicants should have relevant experience with one or several of the following: linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, cognitive/social neuroscience, functional neuroimaging, research with children. Knowledge of statistics and/or programming languages such as Python are a plus.  Fluent English speakers with a French level of at least B1, or fluent French speakers with an English level of at least B1 are both invited to apply

To apply contact: