Summer Internship 2016



This past summer, the ArticuLab hosted a group of 26 talented undergraduate and postgraduate students from all around the world! We are so proud of your work and wish you all the best in the coming years!

Summer Interns

  • Bo Kim, CMU (SCIPR Project)
  • Brooke Ley, CMU (Alex Project)
  • Clare Lai, CMU (Alex Project)
  • Cyrielle Chappuis, University of Geneva, Switzerland  (RAPT Project)
  • Daya Lee, CMU (Alex Project)
  • Divya Sai Jitta, International Institute of Information Technology, India (SARA Project)
  • Hyunji Do, CMU (SCIPR Project)
  • Jake Beley, Dickinson College (RAPT Project)
  • Jiamin Ping, Beijing Institute of Technology, China (SCIPR Project)
  • Julia Luo, CMU (SCIPR Project)
  • Lauren Trichtinger, Chatham University  (RAPT Project)
  • Lu Sun, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China (SCIPR Project)
  • Luo Yi Tan, CMU (SARA Project)
  • Malcolm Goya, CMU (Alex Project)
  • Mark Ignaczak, University of Pittsburgh  (RAPT Project)
  • Naomi Eigbe, Rice University (RAPT Project)
  • Robbie Huerbin, University of Pittsburgh  (RAPT Project)
  • Sarah Lehman, Chatham University  (RAPT Project)
  • Shaoyan Li, CMU (SCIPR Project)
  • Shrey Shah, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India (SCIPR Project)
  • Sina Siddiqi, CMU (SCIPR Project)
  • Stephanie Bao, CMU (SCIPR Project)
  • Ting Yan, Beihang University, China (SARA Project)
  • XuHai Xu, Tsinghua University, China (SARA Project)
  • Ying Shen, Fudan University, China (SARA Project)
  • Zhao Meng, Peking University, China (SARA Project)

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Join Us!

If you interested in joining our research projects, please check our job opening page regularly. Winter Break and Spring semester position will be announced soon.