SARA at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions


Personal Assistant for the World Economics Forum

The ArticuLab presented SARA (Socially Aware Robot Assistant) at the Annual Meeting of New Champions 2016, hosted by the World Economics Forum, in Tianjin (June 26-28). SARA interacts with people in a whole new way, personalizing the interaction and improving task performance (recommend sessions and persons of the World Economic Forum) by relying on information about the relationship between the human user and virtual assistant.


Tianjin, China

WEF-Tianjin 001

Tianjin (天津), China

WEF-Tianjin 004

SARA Booth at the World Economic Forum


Data Visualization (top left: input process, top right: decision making process, bottom left: generation process)

WEF-Tianjin 006

Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, visited the SARA booth.


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  • Justine Cassell
  • ArticuLab (Arjun Bhardwaj, David Slebodnick, Jiajia Li, Luo Yi Tan, Ran Zhao, Yoichi Matsuyama)
  • InMind Project (Oscar J. Romeo, Sushma Anand Akoju)
  • Summer Interns (Divya Sai Jitta, Orson Xu, Ting Yan, Ying Shen, Zhao Meng)
  • Simcoach Games (Eben Myers, Hao Fu, Matt Denton)
  • Special Thanks (World Economic Forum, Yahoo! Research, MultiComp Group, Alan W. Black)

WEF-Tianjin 002