Full-time/Summer Internship Opportunities 2017


The ArticuLab is looking for undergraduate and graduate (masters or PhD) interns for summer 2017. This is a great research experience for those who want to go on to graduate school, or who may want to work in Human-Computer Interaction, in Learning Sciences, in Language Technologies, Psychology, Linguistics, or in Information Systems (as well as other branches of Computer Science). You will work as a member of a team, and be a part of research that brings together rigorous social science with cutting edge technology development. Some jobs target interns with a technical background (statistics, machine learning, AI, natural language processing) and other jobs require no technical background, although psychology, linguistics or education research experience is a plus. Currently, the following positions are open. For more information, please visit the job page.


  • Full-time Position

    • InMind/SARA Project: 3D Character Animation Programmer

  • Summer 2017 Internship Position

    • RAPT Project: Developing Intelligent Computer Tutors that Build Relationships with Students

    • SCIPR Project: Developing an Intelligent Virtual Child that Raises Curiosity in Small Group Science Learning

    • SARA/InMind Project: Developing Core Components for Social AI Framework