The ArticuLab is looking for undergraduate and graduate (masters or PhD) interns for summer 2017. This is a great research experience for those who want to go on to graduate school, or who may want to work in Human-Computer Interaction, in Learning Sciences, in Language Technologies, Psychology, Linguistics, or in Information Systems (as well as other branches of Computer Science). You will work as a member of a team, and be a part of research that brings together rigorous social science with cutting edge technology development. Some jobs target interns with a technical background (statistics, machine learning, AI, natural language processing) and other jobs require no technical background, although psychology, linguistics or education research experience is a plus.

How to Apply

If you are interested in working with us, please contact the lab via the contact page, by selecting the subject “Job at the ArticuLab“. In the “Message” body, please indicate the projects or jobs that interest you most from the list below, or from our **projects page**. We will reply and request your latest CV/resume, listing all relevant coursework and research experience.


2016 ArticuLab: we had 26 summer interns, some of whom are shown here,
as well as our lab director, graduate students, postdocs and staff.

Currently Available Positions

Summer 2017 Internship

SCIPR Project

Developing an Intelligent Virtual Child and Interactive Tabletop that Raise Curiosity in Small Group Science Learning

Curiosity inspires you to study your favorite subjects, and stay up late nights reading about topics you’re passionate about. Sadly, curiosity is becoming less common in elementary and middle schools in our increasingly test-oriented society. Our lab is developing an intelligent virtual child and interactive tabletop that will evoke curiosity, exploration, and self-efficacy through collaboration in a playful learning environment. For more details about the project, see the project description on our website.

We are looking for several interns in computer science and related majors to take part in developing the front-end and back-end modules of the (1) intelligent virtual child using multimodal technologies, and (2) interactive tabletop using augmented and tangible technologies. In particular, we look for students with the following skills:

  • Hands-on experience in system development, machine learning and natural language processing
  • Strong programming skills with Java (required), Python (required), and Unity (preferred)
  • Hands-on experience in game, augmented reality, and/or tangible user interface development (preferred)

Interested students should send a resume/CV to Dr. Zhen Bai ( and Lauren Smith ( in an email with the subject heading “SCIPR Internship”.